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Mission Statement

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In partnership with God and people everywhere, Houston County Habitat for Humanity develops communities with God's people in need by building decent housing in which people can live and grow into all that God intended.

There are six foundational principles that guide our work:

  • Habitat is based upon the teachings of Jesus.  While Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization, anyone who is committed to its mission, purposes and principles is invited to participate in our organization.
  • Habitat for Humanity is a people to people partnership drawing together individuals and communities to build decent, affordable housing.  Habitat for Humanity is committed to the development and uplifting of people and communities, not only to the development of housing.
  • Habitat for Humanity builds decent and affordable housing in partnership with people who are living in inadequate housing and who are unable to secure adequate housing by conventional means.  Habitat selects homeowner-partners based on their need for adequate shelter; their ability to pay for the Habitat home; and their willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat does not discriminate in the selection of homeowner-partners on the basis of race, creed, gender, disability, ethnic background, or any other characteristic protected by law.
  • Habitat for Humanity sells all housing units to homeowner-partners with no profit added by means of a zero interest loan.  House payments are used for the construction of additional affordable housing.
  • Habitat for Humanity is a global movement comprised of Habitat for Humanity International and national and local affiliated organizations around the world.
  • The need for decent and affordable housing is a worldwide challenge, and Habitat for Humanity is a global partnership response.  Habitat for Humanity commits to providing significant financial support of house-building efforts in other countries through participating in the affiliate tithe program
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About Us

Here at Houston County Habitat for Humanity, we believe that all our neighbors deserve safe, decent, affordable housing. We also believe that something special happens when the entire community comes together to lend a hand. Bonds are made. Laughter is shared. Confidence is built. Lives are changed. And the places we all call home are better because of it.

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