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Beams of Hope Beams of Hope Beams of Hope

For decades, it has been common for Habitat volunteers to leave notes on the wood framework of the homes they are working on. During this time of physical distancing, you can still be a part of our tradition by signing our virtual beams of hope. Leave your message in support of Habitat homeowners today!

Almost Home

For some, this is a different kind of crisis, needing only a Beam of Hope...

With each passing day, we all find ourselves trying to adapt to the “new normal” measures required to combat the spread of COVID-19. Sadly, for our homeowners, the pandemic paused construction and delayed their long awaited dream of homeownership. They are going to need our hand up now more than ever. And now more than ever, our work — much like flattening the curve — will require all of us, together.

The families being profiled below have spent more than a year working towards their dream of homeownership and now their dream is within sight. Despite the COVID-19 disruptions to our nation, Habitat continues to work toward ensuring they move from Almost …to HOME.

Meet Our Families

Crystal & Laeyonna
The Jones
The Everetts
The Mayos


Crystal & Laeyonna

My name is Crystal. I am a single mother to my daughter Laeyonna, who is 8 years old. I am employed at Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency as a Rehabilitation Counselor. I have been with the agency for a little over 3 years. When I read in the Houston Happenings Newsletter that Houston County Habitat for Humanity was having a Home Buying Information Session, “I said that sounds interesting, I will register and attend. "Little did I know that I would be at this point today! I’ve always hoped and prayed for a better financial and living situation for my daughter and me. I am so happy that I am on my way to just that!"

My daughter and I have lived in Public Housing for about 4 years. Sometimes, we hear gunshots nearby, it’s very scary for my daughter, and I. When I first moved into my apartment, we experienced a major problem with roaches in which I had to terminate this issue on my own. Currently there is mold, mildew, and chipped paint in my apartment so these issues raise concerns for our health and safety.

"Moving into a new home and neighborhood will be a dream come true! It will be a blessing to eliminate these unhealthy and unsafe living conditions. My daughter and I are truly grateful for this opportunity and the assistance of Houston County Habitat for Humanity and the Houston County community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


The Jones

Chimere Jones wants to let the Habitat community know "You ROCK! (Recognizing our community Kindness)". Chimere says, "Because each one in this program showing their act of kindness and giving their service makes us a better community. It’s a blessing to have this opportunity. I’ve set a long-term goal to homeownership and to see myself working toward this goal is heartwarming and amazing!" Chimere is a mom of two boys and says she can count on each finger and toes for the many times she has moved. Growing up in a single parent household, her family moved to 19 different homes including motels by the time she was 17 years old. "It hasn’t been easy. I look back sometimes, and think how hard it must have been for my mom. I can relate to some of her struggles and difficulties." She made a vow and promise to herself many years ago that she would never do that to her children. Chimere has worked hard at realizing her dream of homeownership and excited that she is finally almost home.

"To this day, I've never lived in a house. I'm grateful to have my own place, but it's the American dream to own your home, right? After living in apartments, to have your own place you can call your own is mind-blowing. I want a place where my sons can look back and say that's where I grew up, made my childhood memories. A place they know they can go when the going gets tough."


The Everetts

Jessica Everett is a customer service representative for a local furniture store and is mom to two daughters. Jessica has been living in public housing for more than 13 years. When she applied to Habitat, she stated that her apartment had mold and mildew. Her attempts to rid her home of the mold were to no avail and she was concerned her children's health were at jeopardy. Jessica is very thankful to finally have an affordable homeownership opportunity.

"This is a blessing. Our home will provide the security and stability my children need. I'm so thankful to Habitat and the community in helping this dream become reality."


The Mayos

We all have dreams of different sizes. For Sandra and Stephen, the dream of an affordable, safe and healthy environment to raise their children will soon become a reality.

Houston County Habitat is pleased to welcome the Mayo's as our newest partner family. The couple came to Habitat stating that for the past five years they have been paying far too much rent to live in an apartment where there is a serious black mold issue on the ceilings and the home is literally deteriorating before their eyes.

Sandra and Stephen will be celebrating 15 years of marriage come April 2021. They are a hard-working couple employed within the food industry. The couple is dedicated to their employer, the community, and each other.

The couple fell on hard times, and didn't know if homeownership would ever come until they learned about Habitat for Humanity. When they learned of the opportunity to apply for a home with Habitat, they were excited. When they found out they were approved, they were elated! Because, not only are they going to live their dream of homeownership, the location of the house will allow them to keep their children in the same school-- no need to transfer schools! It is an ideal situation, especially for their child who suffers with a learning disability.

Thanks to friends like you, and the more than 500 hours of sweat equity Sandra and Stephen will put into building their Habitat home, this family is achieving their dream.

Now the children will have a healthy, safe place to grow up. And the future for this family - and community - looks brighter!

"Habitat is a blessing to us. They came and saved our lives. They are building us a house we can call home. A house that is brand new with no water damage or leaks."


What will your Beam of Hope say? Leave your message in support of Habitat homeowners today! Your gift and virtual hug will help us get these families home safe and secure.

Beams of Hope

Step 1

With each message of hope, we are asking for a small donation, starting at $3. To make your donation, just use the PayPal button link below:

Please NOTE: A PayPal account is NOT required to make a donation.

Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support. Become a monthly giver and you'll receive a special gift!

After you've completed your donation through PayPal, you'll be directed to the form where you can enter your message.

Pat wrote on September 25
May God continue to richly bless your family!
Yvonne wrote on September 16
God bless you, your family and your new home.
Scheavosky McGawion wrote on July 17
It is with this hope that ye believe!
Rita wrote on June 12
I pray that you both will have Gods Blessings upon your homes. And May God Habit in your house in such a way that when you have guests they know he is there! Love Joy and Peace.
Hall wrote on June 12
Jessica...may your new home be blessed with everlasting Peace, Love and Joy
Cheryl wrote on June 3
Dear Chimere & Jessica, Congratulations on taking this wonderful step towards homeownership! I pray each of your homes will always be filled with love, peace and happiness. May God bless you and shine his favor upon your family always!
Julie wrote on June 3
For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. - Hebrews 3:4
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